Practice Areas


Practice Areas

The Contracts Attorney has the background, experience, and knowledge to provide you with the right strategies in starting your business, purchasing property, or in tackling business issues.

Our focus is to deliver the best and most cost-effective deal for each client.

Practice Areas

Business Formation

There are many advantages to creating a legal entity for your new business, business venture or partnership, such as limitation of liability to separation of accounts. Consult with a Yorba Linda Business Attorney such as Anthony Dispoto to understand what business entity is right for you.

General Partnerships ● Limited Partnerships ● Limited Liability Partnerships ● Limited Liability Company ● S-Corporation ● C-Corporation ● Non-profit corporation ● Benefit Corporation ● Professional Corporation

In addition to entity formation services, Corporate Attorney Anthony Dispoto is skilled in all other facets of corporate governance and maintenance for your newly formed entity, including, but not limited to:

Articles of Incorporation ● Articles of Organizations ● Corporate Name Change ● Bylaws ● Operating Agreements ● Partnership Agreement ● Shareholder Agreements ● Amendments ● Membership Interest Purchase Agreements ● Meeting Minutes ● Resolutions (LLC and Corporation) ● Buy/Sell agreements ● Company Dissolution ● Company Revival ● Fictitious Business Name Filings ● Statements of Information ● Form 2553 S-election ● Issuance of Stock ● LOEN Filing ● General Counsel

Practice Areas


Yorba Linda based Business and Commercial Transactions Attorney Anthony Dispoto is experienced in preparing, reviewing and negotiating business contracts and agreements, including company mergers and acquisitions. The Contracts Attorney’s focus is to ensure (i) your overall risk is minimized, and (ii) you are fully informed of the deal terms. Don’t let the buyer or seller sneak in extra terms to change the deal on you at the 11th hour. Be prepared – hire a Business and Commercial Transactions Attorney to represent your interests. The Contracts Attorney offers the following services:

Asset Purchase Agreement ● Stock Purchase Agreement ● Letters of Intent ● Memorandum of Understanding ● Sales and Service Contracts ● Vendor/Supplier Agreements ● Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements ● Non-Competition Agreement ● E-commerce Agreement ● Development Agreement ● Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements ● Intellectual Property Licensing and Royalty Agreements ● Advertising Agreements ● Distribution Agreements ● Custom Contracts ● Demand Letters ● Collections ● Settlement and Release Agreements ● Managed Services Organization Agreement

Practice Areas

Real Estate

For many of us the purchase of real estate will be the most expensive decision in our lives. These transactions are simple and straight forward, but many are complex and multi-faceted. Yorba Linda Real Estate Attorney Anthony Dispoto has experience in simplifying the complexities from the purchase and sale of real estate. In addition to walking you through every step in the process from making an offer to recording title, Anthony Dispoto will make sure you are reducing your overall exposure to future liability. Be certain what you are buying – consult with a Real Estate Attorney today. The Contracts Attorney offers the following services:

Purchase and Sale Agreements (Commercial, Office, Industrial, Retail, Ground, and Residential) ● Leases (Commercial, Office, Industrial, Retail, Ground, and Residential) ● Space-Sharing Agreements ● Assignment of Leases and Rents ● Subleases ● Title Review ● Title Objection Letters ● Deeds of Trust ● Right of First Refusal ● Easements ● Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions ● Unlawful Detainer ● Reconveyance ● Substitution of Trustee ● Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements ● Tenants in Common Agreement ● Property Management ● Real Estate Closings ● Environmental Indemnity Agreements

In addition to Real Estate law, Construction Law Attorney Anthony Dispoto has experience drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements for Architects, Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Homeowners. It is imperative that your construction agreements meet California’s stringent requirements. Additionally, it is important that these agreements contain enough detail to avoid legal disputes down the road.

General Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement ● Owner/Architect ● Owner/General Contractor ● Mechanics Liens ● Lien Releases ● 20-Day Preliminary Notice

Practice Areas

Labor & Employment

Employment Law Attorney Anthony Dispoto has served both employers and employees throughout Southern California including the counties of Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Los Angeles. When it comes to employment and labor law, the best defense is thorough preparation and planning. Make sure to consult with a Employment Law and Labor Law Attorney before hiring your first employment or independent contractor, or settling with an employee. The Contracts Attorney offers the following services:

Drafting and Reviewing of Employment Agreements ● Offer Letters ● Independent Contractor Agreements ● Separation and Severance Agreements ● Employee Handbooks ● Draft and Review Company Policies and Procedures ● Non-Competition Agreements ● Invention Assignment Agreements ● Non-Solicitation Agreements

Practice Areas


Starting a new business can be a very exciting and terrifying experience. It doesn’t always have to be terrifying though, especially if you are prepared. Orange County Startup Attorney Anthony Dispoto has knowledge across many categories of law in order to better serve his startup clients. Contact Anthony Dispoto today for a free consult to understand the proper way to setup and fund your startup. The Contracts Attorney offers the following services:

Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements Securities Compliance ● 83(b) Election ● Subscription Agreements ● Private Place Memorandums ● Regulation D ● Convertible Notes ● Stock Options ● Fundraising ● Voting Rights ● Equity Sharing ● Vesting Schedules ● Venture Capital ● General Counsel ● Trademark Registration and Counsel ● Copyright Registration and Counsel

Practice Areas

Commercial Finance

As your company grows, your need for capital will grow as well. Clients contact Commercial Finance Attorney Anthony Dispoto to provide well-structured and creative approaches for financing transactions in a constantly changing market. Our expertise and constant communication will make even the most complex financing transactions go smoothly. Reach out to Anthony Dispoto for the following services:

Secured and Unsecured Lending ● Promissory Notes ● Debt/Loan Agreements ● Guaranty and Joinder Agreeemnts ● Financing Statements ● Letters of Credit ● Refinancing ● Security Agreements


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