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A Partner in Justice: Anthony J. Dispoto

Orange County Business attorney Anthony Dispoto is a versatile lawyer whose career is on the rise. With his experience in corporate law, employment law and transactional law, his skill will well serve anyone in need of a meticulous professional.

Education: The Orange County native Anthony Dispoto earned his law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law after studying business at California State University, Fullerton. While at law school, Anthony Dispoto focused on transactional matters, corporate compliance and entity formation. He was one of a few students to be published in the school’s international law journal. His article focused on trademarks and how they can be used to prevent competition. He clerked at a real estate syndication firm in law school and learned about securities registration, corporate formation, and corporate compliance.

Experience: After graduation, Anthony Dispoto went to work for Abraham and Kevork, LLC, a consumer and corporate collection agency. He acted as the firm’s associate general counsel and HR director, expanding his knowledge and experience in a variety of disciplines. Anthony Dispoto engaged in contract drafting and review, drafting asset and stock purchase agreements, issuing cease and desist letters and drafting and reviewing commercial and residential real estate agreements. Anthony Dispoto also created, revised, and amended operating agreements, corporate bylaws, annual and special corporate meeting minutes, and drafted terms and conditions and privacy policies for the several different company websites.

Anthony Dispoto also took on many responsibilities with the company where he grew his experience in employment and labor law. He drafted and revised various employment agreements between the company, independent contractors and employees. He represented the firm at various unemployment and equal opportunity board hearings. He helped the human resource department draft policies that better protected the company from liability. He also assisted the department in executing day-to-day Human Resources activities.

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